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📱Submit Documentation• E-Tax offers logged on and non-logged on services. Many tax professionals prefer e-filing and encourage their clients to use it by not charging an additional fee. One uppercase character• Reports and payments filed through the mail will be voided and returned, and will be considered not to have been filed. E-Tax is available and works on most browsers including Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Can I request a Penalty Waiver On-Line? Request an Objection• If not, call IRD for assistance. File Returns• We advise that you check your Junk, Spam and Trash folders should the message not be seen in your Inbox Folder. Keep copies of the return and other documents used to complete your return; and• Accuracy -- tax preparation software does calculations for you• View Refund Status• Keep all tax records and documents at least four years the department may request these documents at a later date. If I am having computer problems, can I file and pay my taxes with a paper form? A Taxpayer can select a security question that he will need to save and provide an answer when he is prompted. What services are currently available on e-TAX? You can call the IRD office at 800-TAXX or our call center for advice. Internet companies that provide online tax preparation use the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer SSL protocol to encrypt your personal data. Other tax professionals incorporate the e-filing fee into their cost of doing business. After you have submitted your electronic return, you should:• If you change your mind later and decide that you want to access your accounts in E-Services again, you will have to complete to return to this page and select Active again. He must complete the form and mail it to the IRD Office. If there are certain mistakes on your electronic return you will be notified within 24-72 hours. More complicated returns can take up to 2 hours or more to prepare. We guarantee that we get you a maximum federal tax refund by maximizing your credits and deductions. Search for a Request• I have locked myself out of the system by typing in my password incorrectly too many times. Due to international banking restrictions it is not possible for refunds through foreign bank account. To access E-Tax logged in services you must first apply for a ttconnect ID and show proof of your BIR number or a company's BIR number for which you are a director. For ease of reference, the direct link to the ttconnect ID Registration page is as follows: After creating the account you will receive two 2 e-mails. It does not need to be included with your OPTins filing. Generate Payment Slips• One number• You will be informed as to when your refund will be ready for collection via email or telephone. E-Tax is an option provided and it is not compulsory to register. You will be required to produce valid identification ID card, Passport, and Driving Permit upon collection. At this time BIR will not accept online payments and only payment description scripts can be printed by the user. Yes, normally, e-filing is completely paperless. A call center will be established so that queries can be resolved when using E-Services. Speeds up processing of your tax returns• How can I ensure timely payment? My address has changed, and I have not received my refund which was issued. I no longer want to access my accounts in e-TAX. Search VAT Status• Cash Payment• Is electronic filing secure? Reduces costs for the Department of Revenue which saves you tax dollars• Caps Lock is On — Having Caps Lock on may cause you to enter your password incorrectly. Register for a BIR Number• View Correspondence The following services are available as a non-logged in service on E-Tax:• E-Services can be accessed throughout the day and alerts can be sent to you via email to prompt when payment is required. Receipt so you know your tax returns have been filed• Why should I electronically file my tax return? However, when the regular due date falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the payment is due the next business day immediately following the weekend or holiday. It saves time and you are able to access information regarding the payments and queries submitted. There are no worries about mail delivery or paper shuffling or inappropriate people seeing your personal or financial information. Is it possible to receive refund through a foreign bank account? What are the costs involved in electronic filing? What payment alternatives are offered? You will be required to call the IRD Head office and someone will reset the password. Can I electronically file an amended return? You should press the Caps Lock button on your keyboard to turn it off before entering your password. You should initiate your payment on the day prior to the due date. Calculate Stamp Duty• No one sees your tax information except you, and the Board of Inland Revenue. Completing Form E-INSTALL is optional. You must use the NAIC OPTins system, or a system that is interfaced to provide reports and payments through the NAIC OPTins system, to file insurance premium tax reports and payments. The processing of the return can vary depending on the number return batches and if all the relevant information is provided. The costs will vary depending on your choice of electronic filing method. Secure transfer of your personal information• View Balances and Expectations• Visit the ttconnect website and complete the online registration form. Once the ttconnect ID has been received, you must visit a ttconnect Service Centre in person to be verified. View Profile• After logging into E-Services, select the "my profile" link to open your E-Services user profile. What information is required in case I have to receive a refund? Yes, You can file your return manually; however, if you are mandated to file Electronic payments you must contact IRD to arrange for other alternatives to avoid any penalty. I'm having difficulties using e-TAX. You will be informed of this via the IRD's website or on E-tax portal. In case issues arise, can I add contacts to my account through which I can be reached? How will we be informed when more services are made available on e-TAX? If possible use the function on the Website. If I have read through the FAQs but I still have concerns, is there a number I can call for assistance? We ask you questions in language you can understand. Users may leave notices at any time in their profile under the Notices tab. What if the tax due date falls on a weekend or legal holiday? Transmitting an electronic tax return usually takes a few minutes. E-Tax is a convenient step toward ensuring that taxpayers receive the desired information at the easiest and timely way possible thereby fulfilling tax obligations in an effective manner. Pay by cheque• How long does it take to prepare and transmit an electronic tax return? One lowercase character• How do I register for logged in services? Most tax types require that you file a corresponding tax return in order to make payment. How to apply for a ttconnect ID and register for e-TAX logged in services? Yes you can refile a return when it is correctly amended• Electronic filing is a method of filing tax returns where the taxpayer information is transmitted to the revenue agencies electronically over the Internet, a modem, or a phone line. Simple returns can be prepared in approximately 20 minutes. The following services are available as a logged in service on E-Tax:• Is the use of e-TAX and its services compulsory? Due to computer problems my transactions did not go through making my return late. A taxpayer can download a Penalty Waiver request form from our IRD Website. In case the user desires to convey something by way of separate note which may be essential, is a separate space provided. How long would processing of returns take online? Electronic filing offers you many benefits that you cannot get through paper filing, such as:• What are the benefits of using IRD's e-TAX service? With our step-by-step questionnaire, you are asked only the questions which pertain to you. Only returns and income tax payments can be filed electronically• Can all income tax forms and schedules be filed electronically? Who can register for an e-TAX profile? Is electronic filing completely paperless? Do I need to send in the payment vouchers or tax returns if I make electronic payments? I forgot my password can you help me? The first contains a ttconnect ID Activation Link. One special character e. Will my chances of being audited increase if I electronically file? Clicking on that link will trigger a second e-mail containing your unique thirteen 13 digit ttconnect ID Number. What browser does e-TAX work best on, or does it not matter? Request a Payment Plan• This makes filing extremely easy as well as extremely fast. When can I start making electronic payments? On this profile page, use the "Active" button. It is a convenient method to view and update your taxes. You should contact the BIR 800-TAXX as soon as possible. Go to• Faster refunds using direct deposit• Persons or business entities that are already registered as qualified taxpayers are encouraged to use e-services.。 。 。


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